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2016 Extra Life Event


It’s that time again: gamers gaming to raise money for their favorite charities. NO, not ourselves, Silly. For the Children’s Miracle Network of hospitals. Radio Free participated last year, and this year we aim to do the same.

The whole thing actually takes place in SWTOR on the Harbinger server, which means all times are PST. We have alts and friends there that will be making the whole thing a lot of fun. So donate whatever amount you can and come bring your own Harbinger alt to play with us!

Then after we’ve traveled all over the galaxy, we will be having a dual server party that evening, with DJ V’endetta hosting! It’s a WIN/WIN situation.

Mark your calendars, log in, and have fun with us! Schedule of events is below (all times are PT):

Ice Breaker (Both)
08:00AM – 08:20AM
Tauntaun Mount & Taunlet Pet (Imp)
08:20AM – 10:00AM
Muscos in Space (Both)
10:00AM – 11:30AM
15 Min Break
11:30AM – 11:45AM
World Bosses (Pub)
11:45AM – 01:00PM
HK (Pub side)
01:00PM – 02:30PM
30 Min Meal Break
02:30PM – 03:00PM
Hide n Seek (Pub)
03:00PM – 04:00PM
The Price is Right (Both)
04:00PM – 05:15PM
Datacrons (Imp)
05:15PM – 06:15PM
15 Min Break
06:15PM – 06:30PM
Know Your Planet & Dance Party (Both)
06:30PM – 08:00PM
Random Ops / Flashpoints / Hi-jinx
08:00PM – 08:00AM

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