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Memorial: Princess Leia Organa of House Organa

A large group of SWTOR fans showed up this evening for an emotional evening of reflection upon the life of Carrie Fisher, known to us as the indomitable Princess Leia Organa. Some of us remember watching her bring the part to life on the big screen at original release, while others were introduced to her fierce nature by parents and grand parents.

We all miss her enormously and send thoughts and prayers to her family.

May you rest easy in The Force, Your Highness.

Heading Into The New Year….

Lifeday is over. But the memories are not. Below are some videos we put together of each night of the Lifeday weekend. Enjoy!

It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like LIFEDAY…..

This week’s special events are listed below — you’ll want to tell your friends!

We’re on the Ebon Hawk server — so make sure you get a toon leveled high enough to get to Nar Shaddaa before the events!

Radio Free MMO SWTOR Life Day


At Club Imperial’s Stronghold


At the Butt of the Hutt — Costume Contest w/Prizes

Prizes include Subscription Card, Cartel Coins, and in game rewards!


At the Butt of the Hutt — Trivia and Give-Aways



Lifeday / Sithmas Celebration!

santaslapslider2016-5The temperatures are dipping which means it’s time for the Lifeday and Sithmas Celebrations!

Radio Free is going to have lots of giveaways the during the Lifeday holiday season.

So you’re going to want to tune in to find out exactly what’s happening!


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