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March Mega Mayhem Match

During the week of March 14th, we here at are going to be running the March Mega Mayhem Match.


What the hell is THAT! you ask?


Well its a massive costume contest where the contestants have to match not only their mount but one of their pets as well. Each DJ will hold both imperial and a republic costume contests where the winners head to the Finale on Saturday night during Viva Nar Shaddaa.

That means you have Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday to get entered.

And what is the prize, you ask? We’re handing out 4800 cartel coins and some truly great prizes including in-game credits and other items as well! You definitely don’t want to miss this.

So get yourself ready for some March Madness…er, Mayhem and stay tuned into on one of the live DJ nights. Go here to find out when and where those are. If you don’t enter and don’t listen, you can’t win.



  1. Because of the nature of this contest, only one toon per person may enter the contest at any given time. No ALTs can be submitted. (The reason being, finalists will all participate in Saturday night’s contest).
  2. If you lose on one contest date, you may re-enter on another date with the one that lost or an alt.
  3. No employee or family of may enter a toon or Alt into this contest.
  4. This contest is being promoted and ran by, but prizes are sponsored by a 3rd party.
  5. Each contest will have 2 winners per faction each night the contest runs (4 nights, M, T, Th, F)
  6. There will be no prizes handed out during the preliminary contests; all prizes will be distributed during the main event on Saturday night.

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