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We’re Famous! Well, kinda….

We were doing some work on our website here as well as a little SEO research and we came across some awesome videos put together by one of our partiers. They were of Major V’endeta’s “Stream of Consciousness” back when she was still in the Slippery Slopes. So without much fanfare, here they are and good work Nikki!

DJ Josey Memorial

Radio Free DJ Josey SWTORThe memorial for DJ Josey has been scheduled. All are welcome.


Sunday, August 7 from 7p ET until we’re done


The Slippery Slopes Cantina
Lower Promenade
Nar Shaddaa
Check gen chat for instance.

All are invited into our guild Teamspeak to chat with others during the show.

DJ Josey b:12000 BBY – d:16 ATC

Radio Free DJ Josey SWTOR


We finally heard from DJ Josey. Or rather, we heard from his family. It appears that on Halloween, 2015 Josey suffered a heart attack and left this world. Our thoughts and prayers go out to his friends and family.

We know the grieving process must start now for us. To honor his memory we will be having a wake on August 7. The official place and time will be forthcoming, but we knew we wanted to do something. Everyone is invited.

The week is OVER!!!!

worldMapIt’s Friday, and I (Major V’endetta) just hopped on to the website and checked some stats. Did you know that we have been heard in over 70 countries around the world? I didn’t believe it either.So I downloaded the list and am posting it here for all of you to see too! I certainly hope to see you tonight on the Ebon Hawk server, Butt of the Hutt at 8p E, but if I don’t, I hope you have a great weekend!

United States 17,396
Canada 877
United Kingdom 265
Brazil 229
Australia 186
Japan 157
Germany 67
Poland 54
Netherlands 48
New Zealand 46
Spain 28
China 23
Norway 21
Denmark 20
Curacao 20
Sweden 18
India 17
France 12
Romania 12
Italy 12
Russian Federation 11
Czech Republic 10
Austria 9
Singapore 8
Ukraine 8
Europe 6
Belgium 6
Taiwan 5
Finland 5
Bulgaria 5
Greece 5
Argentina 4
Chile 4
Ireland 4
Peru 4
Hungary 4
Serbia 4
Portugal 4
Puerto Rico 3
Turkey 3
Mexico 3
Unknown 3
Croatia 3
Macedonia 2
Ecuador 2
Nigeria 2
South Africa 2
Switzerland 2
Colombia 2
Indonesia 2
Uruguay 2
Israel 2
United Arab Emirates 2
Kazakhstan 2
Azerbaijan 1
Kenya 1
Iceland 1
Slovenia 1
Pakistan 1
Bangladesh 1
Thailand 1
Guyana 1
Iran, Islamic Republic of 1
Vietnam 1
Algeria 1
Trinidad and Tobago 1
Hong Kong 1
Dominican Republic 1
Belarus 1
Panama 1
Estonia 1
Cambodia 1


Radio Free March Madness costume contest….which means it’s time for March Madness! And to celebrate both that and St. Paddy’s day, Radio Free is having our very own week of….

(with echo)

March Mega Mayhem Match

It’s the Mega Costume Contest that you have been both anticipating and dreading. That is right…its all in the name itself.

March – When it’s happening.
Mega – Yep, its going to be big.
Mayhem – It’s one of those contests.
Match – You have to match both your mount and a pet at the same time.

Radio Free March Madness win free cartel coinsThe grand prize? 2400 Cartel Coins for the two winners.

When is it happening?

These are the dates of the preliminary contests running up to the finale on Saturday the 19th.

Monday the 14th
Tuesday the 15th
Thursday the 17th
Friday the 18th

What’s it all about?

During the prelim nights, there will be a costume contest for each faction, with two winners chosen from each faction (4 winners total). Those 16 finalists will then meet on Saturday to compete for the Grand Prize of 2400 Cartel Coins!

Stay tuned for additional information!

Let’s Make A Deal!


Have a rusty, busted out set of armor that has no use? Or some crafting mats just sitting around gathering dust? Get them and all your other odds and ends and bring them to Radio Free’s New Year’s Eve Party!

You just never know if V’endetta will ask for a stack of low-end materials or your primary armor belt  in-trade for a really cool item like this Imperial Command Center decoration to the left here.


Perhaps she’ll require your Artifact, Legendary, or Custom main hand weapon for a walker mount. Who knows. You’ll just have to show up to find out, won’t you?

Oh, and don’t forget to tune into V’endetta’s show the night of the party: it starts at 8p ET and runs until the cows…er…grophets come home!

100M Give-Away This Month!

SWTOR Decoration Impirial Command

Just One Of The Things!

We were cleaning out our Guild Bank and came across some amazing things — we cannot believe that they were gathering dust in one of our tabs! So we’re hauling them out and giving them away this month in honor of Life Day!

  • If you want to have a chance to win an Eternal Empire Recon Walker, you need to be at the parties and listen to RADIO-FREE.ORG.
  • If you want to win an X-70B Phantom Ship for your stronghold, you need to be at the parties and listen to RADIO-FREE.ORG.
  • If you want to win a bunch of other, equally cool prizes, you MUST be at the parties and listening.

Do you see a pattern here? Come hang out with us, listen in, and you can win some awesome stuff! Check out the schedule and don’t be late!

Gallery of Give-Aways!

Here are just a few items to preview….

Invalid Displayed Gallery

(Thanks to Dulfy and Tor Fashion for letting us borrow their images!)

You’re Invited!

You are all cordially invited to a formal social gathering this Sunday, November 22, 2015 from 7p – 1a ET.


The Dark Reaver Empire, The Tal Reaver Army, The Fates of Thanatos, Bound of Hatred, The Bounty Hunter’s Association, and the Disciples of Revan invite you to The United Empire Ball.

Location: Reaver’s Nar Shaddaa Stronghold
Date: November 22, 2015
Time: 7pm – 1am ET

All factions are welcome.

Shout-outs will be made on Nar to let you know who to whisper for invites if needed.

Please, classy and stylish attire only.

They Did It! It’s Hot!

Our good friends, Unholy Alliance and Wookiee Mistake guilds over on Harbinger server, actually met their stretch goal of $5k for the ExtraLive event last week. Congratulations to Unholy Alliance / Wookiee Mistake on this milestone for such a great cause.

Since Lovechild said he’d dance naked at his show if this happened, he did. And the rest of the guild and guests joined in. Because, hey, we just like celebrating, and this is something worth celebrating. V’endetta went and bought new underwear for the occasion. It was special. Here’s a shot of the stage:




What’s That You Say?

Radio Free does a lot of large social events — and by large, I mean 30+. However, one of the complaints we hear most often is that “there is just too much spam chat” or “there is too much emote chat” followed up by “How are we supposed to do any serious roleplay with all this going on in chat?”

There are multiple solutions to this problem, some of which were offered by other RPers. Chief among them is customizing your chat for roleplay — how you choose to do it will depend mostly upon your personal preference. But below are things you should be doing well in advance of your RP experience.

  1. Become familiar with your chat settings. Right clicking on one of the top tabs will get you into those settings. If you’re one to just play around with them to see how things work, that’s great. Otherwise, you can find instructions on how to make chat settings changes here

  2. Create different tabs. You get two tabs by default “General” and “System”. But you can create a lot more. Personally, I have user-created tabs for “Guild”, “Whisper”, and “Roleplay” — and will sometimes create one for “Say”. Disable all chat settings except those particular chats you wish to see in the tab.

  3. Create private chat rooms. /j <roomname> will create a private chat area for your and your RP buddies.

  4. If your RP crowd is all one faction, you may want to consider an ops group in which to RP. Setup a tab for OPs chat, turning off all other types of messaging and hop into group and enjoy as peaceful (or violent :D) an RP scene as you want.

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