"To everything there is a season...."

Radio Free Going off the air...and all seasons eventually come to an end.

Radio Free has been a bastion of music, fun, and mayhem for the past three years. When Elliden, Lovechild, and I started Radio Free in November 2014, it filled a void in my life left hollow by a horrible tragedy: the suicide of my brother.

At the time of my brother's death, I was working a simple 8a-5p job as a blog writer for a small firm. Once home, I still had too much waking time to dwell upon that tragedy. Radio Free came along and I was able to throw myself into it.

Already knowing how to build a website at the time, I was able to get that up and running. But Lovechild patiently taught me how to become an internet DJ (read: "he pushed me into the deep end"). Not only did it keep my mind off my problems, I learned new skills, met new (and wonderful!) people, and being on the radio gave me back my confidence and helped me redevelop a willingness to stay among the living. To say that this station saved my life is an understatement.

But now I'm able to take that confidence and renewed zeal for life and put it into something that matters: what we gamers refer to as "RL". I am stepping out into a new venture and --with it--  a new chapter in my life.

That doesn't mean I'm leaving everyone behind or leaving the game. You might even see me around on the servers. It just means that I no longer have time to DJ or run a guild and radio station. It is for this reason -- with a heavy heart -- I am saying goodbye to my listeners.

It also means that in the coming weeks we will be shutting down the site, station, and social media pages.

I wanted to extend a gracious thank you to everyone who has supported us over the years, and sincerely hope you will continue to drop by our Discord. The party schedule will continue through the end of the month, but expect us to have some blow out crazy events because our Guild Banks are still full.

Thank you once again and remember to friend me on Facebook, Discord (Major Vendetta#7838), and Enjin to keep in touch.

Love and thanks,

Major Vendetta
(aka Tracy)


I guess that I need to say a few things as well.

At the start of the idea of Radio Free, Ellidan and I wanted to bring out music, fun, and craziness without the drama that we were experiencing on our old station.  We brought Vendetta into the picture as our IT manager and found a new DJ instead. Since November of 2014 we have fulfilled our promise to ourselves and our listeners as best as possible.  There have been many hurtles and challenges along the way.

As for me, my continuing health problems are forcing me to take a break to focus on getting well again.  To add up the accountant's sheet, since the start of Radio Free I have had an amputation, near-fatal heart attack, a full blown case of MRSA (104.6 degress), and other various illnesses that have sent me to the hospital with the grim reaper sitting in the back with me. 

I am taking the time to get better, then I will be back -- may not be here -- but somewhere.

There are so many I want to thank (I'm already hearing that Oscar "get off the stage already" music), but I want to mention some of the names of people who helped Radio Free become what it is:  Ellidan, Trajen, Lovelyss, Tsuvain, Ibram -- truly some of the best Dj's ever. And of course never to be forgotten by me: Josey, who died during his tenure with us. 

Others who contributed to the station are Bhoehish, Zimmie, Glimmer, Zoey, Ando, Craig, Kris, Rexxn, Svetlana, Yamal, Crypto, Fiomi, Valentine, and so many others that have been part of the office crew and Discord fandom. I will miss all of you.

Wet, sloppy slurps on your cheek,

DJ Lovechild
(aka Lyle)