DJ Tsuvain - Tsunami nite!DJ Tsuvain

Mistress of Rishi Beach, she's as likely to kill you as to invite you to her dance parties. Manners are important to this deadly Mandalorian, so before you make any song requests, keep your hand away from your blaster or lightsaber or you may just find yourself on the wrong side of dead.

She plays the exotic type of music that will send shivers up your spine and keep your feet tapping. You'll find her Tsu-nami! Thursdays on Thursday nights at 9 ET at the Butt of the Hutt! Email:



Radio Free DJ Lovechild Online Radio for MMO GamersLovechild

Every radio station has one, that one person that crosses the line not because they can, but just to keep the FCC awake. DJ Lovechild is that person. A true radio voice talent with over fourteen years experience in spinning discs and playing the tunes. He has worked as late night, drive home, and of course the morning shows. His deep baritone voice tests the boundaries of your bass speakers and the loyalty of your girlfriend.

Tune in on Friday nights at 9pm ET to listen to his Viva Nar Shaddaa show -- the Ebon Hawks largest radio show. Just remember to bring a change of panties...because Lovechild doesn't return the ones he gets. Email:  



DJ Vendetta with Radio Free MMOMajor Vendetta

What can one say about Vendetta that hasn't already been said in several court testimonies? She's not a stalker, just really persistent. Homicidal tendencies? Those bathroom spiders deserved the end that they got.

Vendetta is radio free's spinner of the softer and more romantic music with songs like Superbeast, Closer, and Feur Frei, she brings tears to the eyes of her listeners.

You can find her Stream of Consciousness on Saturday nights at 8 ET here on Radio Free. Email: