party on dudes!


The time has come.

When we started, we figured we would do this for a couple of years, it would die out, and we would move on to other things. Almost Six years later we're still going, and that is largely because of the loyalty and love shown to us by you. We can't be more thankful for being a part of your lives for so long.

We have decided, however, It is time for us to step away from the party scene. There are many different reasons for us moving away from the parties in Star Wars The Old Republic. Real life is a big one. People moving on to other games being another reason.

Does this mean Radio-Free is going away? Not at all. We will still be here playing music, at least until the end of the year (we haven't fully decided what will happen then).

We will still have our discord for everyone to hang out with us.

We will also continue providing DJ Otto with great tunes to play for everyone.

The only things that are changing at the moment are eliminating the parties, and DJ's won't have a set schedule. They are free to take the stream at any time. From all of us here at Radio-Free, thank you for all the wonderful times we've had together over the last six years!